We provide general videography needs from educational lectures to local events and working with non profit organizations.

Multiple Camera Productions

Sometimes productions require multiple cameras depending on the event at hand. When one camera just won’t do it and are in need of more dynamic angles, we’re able to provide what is needed. We have a range of different cameras that record at different calibers. We can film from high definition to broadcast standard cameras, and if the event or project calls for it, we can do cinematic as well!


New Face Media has a certified Steadicam Operator by the SOA (Steadicam Operators Association) [Steadicam Operators Association Database – F. Reyes] and has established recognition to have high smooth walking shots to fast paced motions. We own our own Steadicam Pilot as well as rental opportunities.

Professional Interview Set Ups

New Face Media can construct and orchestrate high standard interview set ups comparable to “60 Minutes” and “20/20.” We have conducted interviews in the style of documentaries or 1 to 1 based conversations with prominent and established figures in the political, corporate and entertainment world. We optimize control of lighting, sound, and dynamic camera angles to interject professional cinematography elements.

Music Videos

Music videos is an art of its own. We have designed music videos starting from conception of the idea, location scouting, pre-production, filming, and editing. We are also available for hire as either equipment rental and/or crew necessities, as music videos can be demanding in both man power and equipment needs.

Corporate Videos

We have designed videos and worked on productions headed by corporate banks, law firms, Fortune 500 companies and the like. For purposes ranging from internal use to mainstream media. 


We can provide commercial production needs for advertising based and designed for broadcast, web, theater, special event presentations, public service announcements, or cinematic. 

Board Meetings / Panel Discussions Coverage

We have the capability to provide coverage to events such as panel discussions, board meetings, banquets, etc. with either a single camera or multiple cameras to meet your needs. We can also provide all the required microphones to meet the needs of all the speakers at the events.  

Public Event Coverage

We can cover events the likes of parades, commencements, music festivals, red carpet events, galas, social networking events, conventions and member’s only/VIP events.

Jib Operating

We have a jib operator with +5 years experience on multiple jib set ups (different lengths and weight calibers). Using the jib, he has experience in filming events for a music concert, gala, in studio, field productions, college commencements, award shows, tutorial and demonstration videos, and music videos. 

Professional Video Editing

We have a handful of professional video editors who are experienced in different editing programs.